Kerlingarfjoll – F35 -1 year later during the summer season

As we like to be lazy in the morning, we left Reykjavik pretty late, around 11 am and we started heading South. We were considering going to Landmannalaugar, as it felt like a shorter drive, but it occurred that the road to Kerlingarfjoll is actually 6 minutes shorter, even when this spectacular mountain range lies […]

The Icelandic Ring road Photo sequence – Part 2 – North – from Egilsstadir – Reykjavik – 644 km

This is the second part of the Ringroad Photo Sequence project we started at the beginning of the Icelandic Midnight Sun season. This time we drove from Egilsstadir to Reykjavik via North to close the circle around the island. We’ve made approximately 1332 km in 3 days. Between this 2 parts, we stayed 2 nights […]

Iceland – above and under the surface of the Langjökull glacier

With global warming and vanishing glaciers, it might be hard to believe, but we still live in the ice age. Contrary to popular belief, it has not ended when Neanderthals and Wooly Mammoths died out. We are simply enjoying brief (in geological time scale) period of warm climate known as interglacial, and it is nearly […]

Paris – Exhibition of Anish Kapoor in Grand Palais

The pink womb-like structure that you can see in the photos is actually the interior of Leviatan – monstrous sculpture was created by Anish Kapoor. The artist has exclusive rights to the ‘blackest black’ – the color developed by NanoSystems. According to Kapoor Vatnablack it’s the blackest material just ‘after a black hole’, as it absorbs […]

3-day Winter trip on Icelandic Ring Road – exploring ice caves and chasing the Northern Lights map & photos

Before you will ever have an idea to visit Iceland in winter, you have to know how to make the most of your stay and take advantage of only 4 hours of daylight. Of course, some locals will tell you the summer is better, but it is winter time when you can chase the Northern […]