Kerlingarfjoll – F35 -1 year later during the summer season

As we like to be lazy in the morning, we left Reykjavik pretty late, around 11 am and we started heading South. We were considering going to Landmannalaugar, as it felt like a shorter drive, but it occurred that the road to Kerlingarfjoll is actually 6 minutes shorter, even when this spectacular mountain range lies […]

Searching for first snow – Kerlingarfjoll offseason

I thought I would never say this, but after the rainiest summer since 100 years I really miss the Icelandic winter with its colorful sunrises at 11 am., blue ice caves, the Northern Lights, and abundant snowfall that makes Reykjavik looks like from one of Christian Andersen’s tales. When Reykjavik looked still pretty green and […]

Crossing Icelandic Interior – F26 – the road between 3 glaciers

Since we’ve moved to Iceland we were dreaming of traveling across the Icelandic Interior and to discover the world that lies behind the imaginary designated line of the ring road. We have this special map at our place in Reykjavik where we mark all the roads we have already driven and all the trails we […]

That time when we went South to see the geothermal flood – on the way to Laki volcano fissure, Fagrifoss, and Pakgil

The Icelandic Highlands are accessible only during summer. Sadly summer in Iceland lasts usually for only 3 months and it’s not enough time to discover every part of the Interior especially when you plan trekkings to meet Icelandic nature and really feel the place. It’s also not enough time, as we can travel only during […]

The Icelandic Ring road Photo sequence – Part 2 – North – from Egilsstadir – Reykjavik – 644 km

This is the second part of the Ringroad Photo Sequence project we started at the beginning of the Icelandic Midnight Sun season. This time we drove from Egilsstadir to Reykjavik via North to close the circle around the island. We’ve made approximately 1332 km in 3 days. Between this 2 parts, we stayed 2 nights […]

The Icelandic Ringroad Photo sequence – Part 1 – South – from Reykjavik to Egilsstadir 628 km

We headed out on this journey and we made approximately 1332 km in 3 days. The idea of this project was better understanding the perception of a travel as a whole process that consists of making stops along the road at touristic attractions but also – what’s the subject of this post – of the […]

Icelandic South Coast Road Trip – from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón

If I would have to choose one of my favorite places in Iceland it would probably be the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. At least, it made the biggest impression on me during our first visit to Iceland in 2014. There are so many processes happening to perceive at the same moment at the place that its beauty […]