The Icelandic Ring road Photo sequence – Part 2 – North – from Egilsstadir – Reykjavik – 644 km

This is the second part of the Ringroad Photo Sequence project we started at the beginning of the Icelandic Midnight Sun season. This time we drove from Egilsstadir to Reykjavik via North to close the circle around the island. We’ve made approximately 1332 km in 3 days. Between this 2 parts, we stayed 2 nights in a summerhouse by the lake near Eglisstadir – our favorite area in Iceland, as the most woody.
Read about our 1 Part of the trip The Icelandic Ringroad Photo sequence – part 1- South Coast
The idea of the project was not only experiencing the bright nights but also to better understand the perception of a travel as a complete process that consists of making stops along the road at beautiful places but also of the concept of the travel itself as an activity or movement between two locations. We did this travel experiment and made the sequence of the photos only through our car windows to acknowledge the journey itself.



The last valley before getting home

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