Golden Circle – Visit at Friðheimar – a geothermal tomato farm

One of the greatest advantages of meeting new people is that they will motivate you to visit new places and try new things, like a tomato soup from geothermal green houses in Iceland. Thank you Elena, Alex and Sol for the trip.

Especially, when it happens during Reykjavik Film Festival.


Everything about this place is cute, even this bank milk converted into a welcoming sign.


The tomato farm located in the area of the most known must see of Iceland – the Golden Circle,  becomes more and more popular, especially because of their bread. As tourists say: the best in the World. Visit yourself to have your own opinion on that.


Bees, brought from continental Europe pollinate tomatoes in order to give us this special meal.


Mineral-rich hot water, special king of lighting and clean environment, that all contribute to a taste of every meal served here.


Everything in this place is about tomatoes and everything smells like tomatoes.

IMG_9563IMG_9559.jpgSometimes there is even more tomato in the air than air.friedheimar tomatoe farm golden circle on the path of lynx icelandIMG_9545.jpgGeothermal electricity and hot water make such sub-polar farming economical. Local Icelandic tomatoes are tasty and health alternative to imported European vegetables, available in shops through the island.


Electricity in Iceland comes almost entirely from renewable sources – 70% from hydroelectric and 30% from geothermal. Fossil fuels contribute less then 0,2%


Despite being green, Icelandic power is also very cheap, one of few things that are cheap here in fact.


Water is another one, cold is good to drink and quite tasty, while hot might have a hint of sulfurous smell it’s both cheap and good for your skin (or so it’s told).


In case you are not such a fun of tomatoes you can always pet some animals on the area or try to get drunk with their version of bloody Mary.

fridheimar tomatoe farm iceland golden circle on the path of lynx.jpgIMG_9532IMG_9531.jpg

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